Welcome to the Pound on Dog Lake!

The Pound is our  camp on Dog Lake, Missanabie ON.  We purchased the property in 2005, bought a cabin kit, got local help to get the shell up, and had a somewhat complete cabin ready for the 2006 fishing season.  Since then we have been finishing the interior and generally getting the place livable.  We make it up most months except when the lake is between being water and very solid ice.

Dog Lake is located about 2 hours northeast of Wawa (the northeast corner of Lake Superior).  It has about 300 miles of shoreline, depths up to 150'.  There is a 4-season road going to Missanabie, but beyond that, most of the lake is accessible by boat or snow machine.  Our camp is approximately five miles across the lake from Missanabie.

The lake is full of Walleye, Smallmouth, Pike, Lake Trout, Speckled/Brook Trout, and Perch and we have learned how to catch them (most of the time).  Moose, bear, fox, partridge, and loons are sharing the place with us.

See the photo section for more pictures of the build and the lake.